'Advanced Cyber Security Training at TCG Cyber Range'


  1. It will teach participants how to be secure from hackers in today's digital world, be it online or offline.
  2. It will also impart essential IT security knowledge for Software Developers,DBA,Network Administrators and other key IT resources.

Cryptography plays a vital role to protect information of an organization. Essence of information security is a battle between information protectors and information interceptors. Here we will not teach you algorithm, rather you will be equipped with knowledge on how cryptography can play vital role to protect your business information

Python is an object oriented programming language which is very easy to learn due to it's simple syntax.

Python can be applied to pretty much any software development or operations scenario you can find today. Most of the cryptography and Information security tools are made using Python. For information security professionals learning Python is must.

NSA/CNSS accredited cyber security course with Mile2. This certification is preferred by FBI tire1-3 certification requirement.

CLIP ( Certified Lead Implementer Professional ) is a personal certification programme focusing on providing in-depth implementation knowledge on various management systems.

CRISP(Certified Risk Professional Training Course) : It is management of business risks for the long term existence of an organization, in view of the rapidly changing internal and external environments.

Cyber security courses in association ISACA from basics to advanced level.

List of Training Partners



Vikash Chauhan

+91 9582248088

Abir Atarthy

+91 9434243285

Tathagata Datta

+91 9830089446

Joydeep Bhattacharya

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